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wedding Firstnight tips

A person’s wedding or first night is perhaps the most exciting time of their lives! Expectations run high and they want it be the best time that they will ever have. Sex has highest priority during this time. Well, they don’t call it the first night for nothing now; do they! Here are some sex tips for your first night (Dont's for first night with partner)

Over Expectation May cause Sorrow
Everybody wants what’s best for them on their first night but you must ensure that your expectations do not weigh down the wonderful time that you could have had with your husband or wife. The wedding day is a hectic affair. Your wife might feel sleepy after a long day. Or your husband might be a little tipsy after all those rounds of toasts. Understand that they might not enjoy having sex with exhaustion written all over them. Isn’t it better to wait for let’s say the morning, once they are rejuvenated with sleep!

Flirt Throughout
If you want your 1st night to be exciting and not an a…