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Male Grooming Tips

5 Essential

simple everyday advice....

1. Know your skin type. If you want to look after your skin you must know it well and choose appropriate mens grooming products. Do you have oily skin? If so you should be using a light oil free moisturiser. Sensitive skin? Try to use fragrance free products when possible.

2. Get a regime. A simple everyday skin care regime is essential to help you look and feel your best. Keep it straightforward, face scrub before shaving and moisturising after can make all the difference.

3. Learn How To Shave! Some men really seem to struggle with the art of shaving. After a hot shower is the best time to shave. Don't use a disposable razor, use a high quality one such as Mach 3. Use a high quality shave creme and apply it with a shaving brush. Never shave against the grain, it will greatly increase the chance of irritation and will do long term damage to your skin.

4. Trim your brows Eyebrows should not be ignored. If you have bushy brows then do you best to keep them in check. Mono-brow is NOT a good look, so give it a quick shave when doing the rest of your face.

5. Drink Water. It doesnt get any easier than this. Water is proven to help keep your skin clear and healthy. You should drink at least 1.5 litres a day.


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