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Tips On Themed Wedding Backdrop Decorations

There is a wide variety of backdrops to choose from for your wedding, no matter what the theme is. Brides can choose from Roman, French, Roman, lighted, hand painted or floral back drops. The type of wedding backdrop decoration you choose is dependent on the theme you have chosen for your wedding.
The most popular wedding backdrop decorations are the Roman columns wedding decoration. These columns, arranged straight or an S-shape, can be decorated with white mini lights, grape ivy, leaves, faux grapes or a lot of greenery and white flowers. The designer can also hang gauze, satin or gossamer fabric behind the columns to give it a truly Greek look.
Running a close second to the decorated wedding Roman column backdrop is the French archway or set of French doors. This wedding backdrop decoration is enhanced by using swags of tulle, satin or even toile fabric. Mini lights can set off the display and greenery and flowers can be used in front of the display or at the three points of each archway. Popular with the evening weddings is a lighted column backdrop with satin hanging behind it. This wedding backdrop decoration can use either round or square columns lighted from within and decorated with floral or ivy swags wrapped around them. Floral sprays can decorate the tops of the columns.
Iron backdrops are popular for Victorian weddings. These iron archways or gates can be decorated with ivy and lots of your favorite flowers. The theme for Victorian weddings is opulence so the more the better. This wedding backdrop decoration looks very elegant indoors with satin hanging behind it.
A popular look for winter weddings is the chiffon covered Roman column backdrop. This wedding backdrop decoration is draped with chiffon and crossed behind the columns for an ethereal look. The tops of the columns are decorated with greenery and the brides favorite flowers. This backdrop has a very elegant look.
The Roman Garden backdrop is also very popular for almost any wedding. This creates a park scene and is popular for photographs. The necessary items for this wedding backdrop decoration are the round park lights, Roman columns and a park bench. Simple greenery and ivy can decorate the columns and flowers are optional for this display.
A hand painted wedding backdrop decoration is unusual as many are one of a kind. They can enhance any indoor wedding and it makes a beautiful background for your photographs. The bride can choose from ocean, sunset, flower garden or cityscape that would fit her wedding theme.
With so many backdrops to choose from it may take the bride and her entire family to narrow down the choices. No matter which backdrop she chooses it will be sure to create the right ambiance for her wedding.


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